Interview with Conceptual Photographer Mitchell Brown. In depth conversation regarding his creative method and photographs.

Who is Mitchell Brown?

Mitchell Brown is a 24 year old Photographer from the UK.  It all started back when Mitchell was bought a 15 pound camera from a police auction.  Since then Mitchell progressed from simple point & shoot cameras to SLR’s.  

During this time, Mitchell was taken on a fascinating journey from taking pictures of nature to working in graphic design. Mitchell has developed into an art based photographer and mainly is regarded as a creative conceptual artist.  When Mitchell isn’t creating his photography, he is either in the nearest darkroom developing his latest camera roll, reading books on photography or even just questioning and simplifying his next project. 


Mitchell prefers to shoot film over digital as he loves the raw edge and human nature about it using a SLR.  That being said, Mitchell doesn't turn his back on the digital camera, giving him the ability to create and process photographs quickly for todays demanding clients.

Most of the time Mitchell works alone on projects creating everything from the composition, lighting design, equipment setup and selecting locations.  Mitchell works with a Strobist and models when needed, but when it comes to personal projects he likes to keep them that way.  This can become a lengthy process at times, which leads into shooting a lot of photography during the night when no one is around.

The image

Mitchell Brown hosts a mass of artistic knowledge backed up with technical achievement.  A lot of people think that Mitchell has a mass arrangement of light sources when actually it is the complete opposite, using only a couple of cheap lights.  Mitchell’s unique style is contemporary and has a high conceptual meaning, bringing creative and out of the box concepts with every project. 



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